Who we are and what we do

Gold Coast Holiday Management is the industry-leading holiday rental, short term property and Airbnb management company in the Gold Coast region. What makes us different? We are not just a booking service, we are the local reservations and property management team for our properties and know them all intimately. “The owners are from a combination of a leading real estate company, the best housekeeping company in the Gold Coast and a leading technology company who decided after a long association to join forces and actually use their expertise to help property owners who are looking at getting the most out of their investment property”

Who We Are

We have a great team where every individual is dedicated to their role. We look after our guests. We are dedicated to helping our guests enjoy their very best holiday. From assistance booking their perfect holiday home, to providing 24/7 support during their stay, and rebooking their next holiday as repeat guests – we are here every step of the way.
We pride ourselves on providing our guests with everything that they expect.

What We Do

We respect the neighbourhood and the neighbours next door to our properties and ensure our guests are mindful with regards to noise. Strict rules are in place in terms of partying etc.