Long term rental management Gold Coast

GCHM Pty Ltd is proud to now have a senior property manager in Lynda Lazaridis. If you’d like to discuss your property give us a call.

With a wonderful zest for life and inspiring enthusiasm, you will quickly warm to Lynda’s personality. Her love of helping people is plain to see, the smile says it all. All businesses, especially a Real Estate business, demand far more than simply being a very nice person, there has to be a cutting edge.

Lynda oversees everything to do with long term rentals. An exceptional negotiator, Lynda will be in your corner fighting for the very best result for you at all times. Naturally, the enthusiasm, caring warmth and broad smile help, but it’s her inner resolve that makes it all happen. Second, the best is not good enough for GCHM Pty Ltd or Lynda.

Making all the right moves is easy when you have a real professional at your side.

As part of GCHM Pty Ltd, we will be there for you, ensuring that your property is kept in great shape, you are right to choose us.