Property Styling and Furnishing Gold Coast

GCHM offers superior property styling and furnishing on the Gold Coast for long-term rental properties, short-term holiday rental properties, and homes that owners like yourself are looking to sell.

Short-term holiday rental properties aren’t like other rental properties: they see a huge variety of guests, of all ages and backgrounds and all needing a place to relax and unwind in uncomplicated comfort.

Long-term rentals quite often need less but when a tenant leaves you may be looking to do some upgrades prior to getting new tenants moving in.

We can also spruce up your property prior to going on the market to enable you to get a lot more for your property.

That’s where we can help set your property apart from the others in a fiercely cutthroat market. GCHM Interiors carefully select furniture and accessories to suit the expected audience your property will host, along with ease of service and durability.

We provide furniture packages tailored to your property and budget. We specialise in working with existing furniture, colours and décor, so there is no pressure if you only need a few things to make your property stand out. Or, if you’re starting from scratch; we can supply everything from white goods to knives and forks.

If you prefer to handle the furnishings yourself, but just need a bit of advice on where to get the best pieces for your property, then we can spend an hour or two with you to set you on the right track.

This styling service, along with our team’s superior property management, sales and housekeeping service will set your property apart from all the others. Appearances Are Everything.